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Østre Gasværk
Copenhagen (Danmark), 2021


Design team

Design year



Construction team




Copenhagen, Denmark

Glifberg - Lykke, Rambøll


Under construction


FSR Beton

600 m2

Copenhagen Municipality

1.300.000,- DKK 

Designed as part of a new activity path surrounding the old Østre Gasværk site. A brand new ice skating ring and large football fields are the center of attention, but a large number of other activities are present on the circular activity path, including skateboarding. Not designed as a specific skatepark, the area designated for skateboarding and other activities, is designed as a multi-purpose area for activities, as well as hanging out. Furthermore the elongated skateable space also provides water management in case of severe rainfall. The skateable basin is able to hold up to 27 m3 of water.

The hangout area consists of one upper level with two ledges for sitting that reaches down to the skateable space below and faces south. Pedestrians and onlookers are able to enter the upper hangout area at either end of the park. The quarter pipe runs along 40 meters of the recreational area and varies in height.


The space is expected to open in 2022.

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