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Our Philosophy

Glifberg - Lykke have always strived to create challenging spatial connections for all age groups, for experienced users as well as novice users.


Glifberg - Lykke frequently design from theory that skateparks should be a natural part of its surroundings. This we like to call a “Skateboarding Space”. A skateboarding space should not be perceived as a foreign element in its environment but as an integrated part of the city’s surrounding architecture. The interaction between a skatepark and its surrounding area through a skateboarding space will then be perceived as a sculptural experience by the user as well as by the outside viewer.


Glifberg -Lykke view skateboarding as a whole. Where different disciplines are the most imaginative installations possible where each obstacle can be used limitlessly in all imaginable and unimaginable ways. In this way, we open up for the possibilities of rewriting the space, rhythms and combinations so skateboarding never becomes stagnant but quite contrary evolves with the users own development and imagination over time. In this way our facilities continue to challenge its users on an athletic as well as on a creative level indefinitely.


We have always believed that a skatepark should not be construed as a space just for skateboarders. Instead, we have always believed that a space created for skateboarding should invite and create social connections between many of the related unorganised sports and social groups.


We have personally experienced the positive relationships and interactions that occurred as youths of the Copenhagen sports and subcultural environment in the 1980’s and 90’s. Positive relationships that you can take with you in your social and professional networks later on in life. Relationships across cultural groups such as skateboarding, rollerskating, BMX, music, street dance, graffiti, street ball, arts and culture, all of which are still a big part of our lives today.


Our previous projects in e.g. Multipark Elsinore, Lemvig Skatepark and Streetdome Haderslev are existing examples of this philosophy creating new relationships across various sports and interests, and forming positive communities through urban facilities that focus on giving the youth opportunities to interact with new activities beyond their current interests.


In 2009, as old friends with common interests, Glifberg and Lykke started designing urban spaces together in connection with the Multipark in Elsinore, Denmark. The different approached from Glifberg and Lykke proved very fruitful because of their diverse approach on movement and architecture. Glifberg as the elite practician and Lykke as the architect and designer of these extremely complicated shapes and sequences of movements. Since then, this synergy has created a solid foundation of experiences and has brought out the best possible work flow between the two designers.

Rune Glifberg

Professionel skateboarder, Designer and Founder at Glifberg - Lykke.


To this day, Rune is one of the world’s absolute best skateboarders. Rune still participates in international competitions across the globe. For the past 25 years, Rune has been a part of the elite within skateboarding and has travelled, seen and skated the world’s best skateparks. After living in California for 17 years, Rune moved back to his birthplace, Copenhagen in 2012. Since moving to Copenhagen he has devoted a large amount of his time into designing and creating skateparks in Europe that either surpasses, or as a minimum, matches the quality of skateparks around the world.




Work experience

Silver Medal, X Games, Skateboard Park, Foz do Iguaçu       2012

Gold Medal, X Games, Skateboard Park, USA       2009

Gold Medal, X Games, Skateboard Park, USA       2008

World champion, Skateboard Bowl       2008

World champion, Skateboard Vert       2001

Professional Skateboarder     1992-




Selected Works

USZ Amsterdam       2020

Oslo Skatehall       2016

Birkerød Skatepark       2016

Streetdome Haderslev, Denmark       2014

North Brigade Skatepark, Cologne, Germany       2014

Lemvig Skatepark, Denmark       2013

Burn Yard, Budapest, Hungary       2013

Helsingør Multipark, Denmark       2011

Fælledparken Skatepark, Copenhagen, Denmark       2011

Ebbe Lykke

Designer MDD, Architect, Skateboarder and Founder at Glifberg - Lykke


Ebbe has a degree in cabinet making and is also a graduate designer from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design 1998-2003). In addition to this, Ebbe has also been a guest student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (1997, Karch). Furthermore, Ebbe has a master’s degree in design, MD, from Karch (2009). Since 2003, Ebbe has had his own independent design company where he has developed his own products, as well as having worked as a consultant for other designers and architects.



Work experience

2004-11 Designer, Ebbe Lykke Design

2003-04 Designer, Leif Hagerup Design Education

2007-09 Master of Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

1998-03  The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design

1997-98 Guest student, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

1988-92 Cabinet making


Selected Works

2020       USZ Amsterdam

2016       Oslo Skatehall

2016       Odense Zoo

2014       Streetdome Haderslev, Denmark

2014       North Brigade Skatepark, Colonge, Germany

2013       Lemvig Skatepark, Denmark

2011       Helsingør Multipark, Denmark

2005       Bowl Roskilde, Denmark

2003       Copenhagen Skatepark, Denmark

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