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Built It

Lemvig (Denmark), 2013


Design team

Design year



Construction team





Lemvig, Denmark

Glifberg - Lykke, EFFEKT




SVJ, Beaver Concrete

1200 m2

Lemvig Municipality, Danish Broadcasting

1,6 mill. DKK

Danish Architecture Center

Lokale- og Anlægsfonden

Tryg Fonden

Lemvig Skatepark is part of a collaboration between Public Service Broadcaster, Radio Denmark, Danish Architecture Centre and the above foundations. The pivotal point of ’Build It’ was a nation-wide competition where four projects were to be found that were realized with the help of some of the country’s most interesting young architect advisers and with financial support of up to DKK 1.6 millions for each project.


The achitectural office EFFEKT were given the task of creating a skatepark in the Jutlandic town of Lemvig, Denmark. EFFEKT had no experience in the field of designing skateparks, so they contacted Glifberg - Lykke as specialists in skatepark design. As a consortium Glifberg- Lykke helped EFFEKT solve the task.

Glifberg - Lykke thereby designed the entire foundation for the layout, the structure of the different park elements and their connection with one another. The skatepark were to be built on a small budget and at the same time be able to satisfy the many different users. The consortium was given a space in the western part of the earlier industrial harbour which lies beautifully but also isolated from the other recreative parts of the harbour.


The idiom of the project takes its starting point in the moray landscape with hills and valleys which twist along the fjord. In the same way the water creates the fjord, the bottom of the skatepark is completely flat. Where the fjord’ steep sides rise above the surface of the water, the skatepark rises to create dynamics and speed in the park, while creating a seamless visual intergration with the surrounding landscape

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