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Birkerød Skatepark

Birkerød (Denmark), 2016


Design team

Design year



Construction team




Birkerød, Denmark
Glifberg - Lykke
TVEDE Rådgivende Ingeniører
Wonder Concrete
2500 m2
Rudersdal Municipality
3,5 mill. DKK

Birkerød Skatepark meets Rudersdal Municipality’s desire to develop activity oases around the municipality for both children and adults.


The nature and outdoor areas of cities are increasingly used for play, running, cycling, rock climbing and many other forms of movement and physical activity - both among children, young people and adults. Outdoor spaces are by far the most important facilities for sports, exercise and play. However, success in the use of nature and outdoor spaces depends on both location and activity possibilities.


The development of the skatepark has been a close match between Glifberg - Lykke, young stakeholders, users and the municipality.

In particular, it has been the users wishes and expectations for the completed project. that have been at the center of the development.


Located between an indoor sports facility, a local high school and a primary school, the skatepark connects the existing facilities in and around Birkerød’s and becomes a central piece of the urban landscape.


The butterfly shape of the skatepark divides different styles of riding into different areas A central street path runs through the middle of the skatepark, creating a direct link between the high school and the sports building.  

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