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Galten Skatepark

Galten (Denmark), 2016


Design team

Design year



Construction team




Galten, Denmark
Glifberg - Lykke, byMunch
TVEDE Rådgivende Ingeniører
Wonder Concrete
1000 m2
Skanderborg Municipality
3.2 mill. DKK

In 2012 we started the dialogue with Galten Skateboarding Association which led to the task starting a few years later. The skatepark is located in the middle of the Galten City Park, which has an amphitheater where both local and national artists perform. The park also has tennis courts and soccer fields. The park is also part of the city’s climate protection system (WSUD), which incorporates a lake area that can accommodate the cloudbursts that the future might offer.


We were in close dialogue with local stakeholders and the municipality about what the needs were and what size the skatepark should have. Initially, the skatepark was a path system that reached most areas of the park, but as the need for the Galten Town Festival changed along the way, the size and scope had to adapt to the various user groups that occupy the park. The final skatepark design is based on a flow/park area in the middle with street skating surrounding the core of the skatepark. This means that you do not have the classic division between flow/park skating and street skating.

At the entrance of the skatepark lies a small bank area connected to a horseshoe quarter pipe, where beginners can take their first steps without running into the more experienced users who are both stronger and faster. In doing so, we have reduced the possibility of dangerous collisions happening.


Central to the park is the very recognizable horseshoe ‘corner/hip/spine’, which, in addition to being the park’s most recognizable landmark. Opposite it, there is a ‘sushi tray’ in the street path, which can be skated from two sides, street and park respectively. This creates a direct link between street skating and park skating. Street skating on the deck ends with two stair sets and rails leading down to the ‘beginner area’.


All in all, a varied park that will last for many years in quality as well as in use for both the experienced and novice user.

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