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North Brigade Skatepark

Cologne (Germany), 2014


Design team

Design year



Construction team





Cologne, Germany

Glifberg - Lykke, North Brigade



Anker Rampen

Anker Rampen


North Brigade

215.000 EUR

Cologne Municipality

In 2014, Glifberg - Lykke initiated a collaboration with the North Brigade in Cologne, Germany. The German skate organization, North Brigade, contacted Glifberg - Lykke to design a bowl in connection with the renovation of one of Germany’s oldest and most iconic skateparks. 


Glifberg - Lykke was tasked with solving an area of 20 x 20 meters, and started the design process with 4 very different bowl concepts, which were presented to North Brigade. The North Brigade user group then chose one design concept, which became the basis for further processing. Glifberg - Lykke then came up with a unique and exciting design based on the concept. A design that caters to all ages and skill levels.

The final design, is one of international format, which since its opening in 2015, has hosted several international events, with major sponsors such as Red Bull. 


The success story from Cologne continues when, in 2015, the North Brigade once again chose Glifberg - Lykke, as their partner for a bowl design. This time in the neighboring city of Düsseldorf, with the ambition of Germany’s largest skatepark. This project is now also a reality, so Düsseldorf now has a Glifberg - Lykke designed bowl.

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