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Vision Vestergade (Competition)

Ikast (Denmark), 2014


Design team

Design year


Construction team




Ikast_Brande, Denmark

Glifberg - Lykke, Arkitec, SLdesign




424.000 m2


180 mill. DKK

In the fall of 2014, we were contacted by the company Architec to help to design the outdoor facilities for the heart of the project, Vision Vestergade.

The purpose of Vision Vestergade is to create a strong regional body of work that will be a recreational sports centre for the two neighboring midsize Danish cities, Brande and Ikast. This will activate both cities and their inhabitants of all ages.

The project consists of a number of businesses, recreational activities and educational sites. The business area will inside hold a big greenery, various craft shops and horse breeding. The recreational area will have horseback riding, dog training, BMX dirt riding, skateboarding, rolling parkour, basketball and football (soccer). The main building in the heart of the project consists of cafés, classrooms and serviced offices.

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