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Haderslev Quay

Haderselv (Denmark), 2012


Design team

Design year 





Haderslev, Denmark

Glifberg - Lykke


Sketch project

10.000 m2

Haderslev Municipality

5 mill. DKK

The interior should provide the public space of Haderslev Quay with a furnishing structure that creates a coherent experience for recreational use. The aim is to create zones where people settle down and enjoy the harbor qualities while also creating a flow of activities from one end of the boardwalk to the other.

 We want this project to break the 'sea view' that characterizes the current uniform promenade. We will do this with one-off skate sculpture  that will spread  life like ripples in the water from each impact point.


The sculptures are  activated when they are used and there is life around. It will create pockets of life in relation to their surrounding environment.

The interior  will form a line through the harbor and create a varying but still coherent experience of Haderslev Quay's  different environments.

This will be done in cooperation with the existing spatial and functional relationships of the harbor.

The purpose of following outline proposals is to clarify the quay surfaces textures and materials embedded in the narrative of use and pace. The asphalt with its long 'continuous' surface invites to speeding up with recreational exercise such as roller skating, use of scooters, skateboarding, biking and jogging. On the other hand the tiles with its fragmented surface invite to slowing down and taking a break.


We have worked with the objects to support the different  textures of the quay.  For example the fragmentation with the tiles that rise from the ground or has gaps, when needed for a chill zone or to make room for nature.

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