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Helsingør (Denmark), 2011


Design team

Design year



Construction team






Elsinore (Helsingør), Denmark

Glifberg - Lykke, Markus Wassberg



Niras A/S

NCC(DK), New Line Skateparks (CAN)

10.000 m2, Skatepark 6000 m2

Elsinore Municipality

33 mill. DKK

Elsinore Municipalty (20 mill. DKK)

Realdania (6 mill. DKK)

Lokale- og Anlægsfonden (4 mill: DKK)

The project aimed to create a multi-street-culture park named MP:H for the youth club Villa 5, by the residential area Vapnagård. The park should be able to absorb all the disorganized sports in Elsinore such as facilities for skateboarding, BMX, street soccer, parkour, graffiti, music, dance and art performance. The park should function as a recreational oasis for visitors such as parents with children. It should also promote integration for the residents of the residential area Vapnagård.


When Glifberg+Lykke was involved in the project, there had already been a long pre-process carried out by local enthusiasts. Elsinore Municipality supported the idea, and the project was granted 6 million DKK. by the City Hall and the ambition was to create a facility costing 16 million DKK.

Very early after our involvement in the process the interests from Elsinore Municipality increased, and construction costs were raised to 32 million DKK. Danish funds found great interest in the project, which was granted 11 million DKK a month after the application was sent.


The park currently has 300 daily users of which 1/3 of the users have a Muslim background. In a Danish context that is the

highest numbers seen, resulting in successfully integrating youth of other cultural background than Danish.

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