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Sylt Multipark

Westerland (Germany), 2019


Design team

Design year






Westerland, Germany

Glifberg - Lykke


Under development


1000 m2

Sylt Municipality

800.000,- EUR (Phase 1)

Sylt Multipark is the brainchild of Sylt residents, who have felt a huge void in the thriving surf and outdoor scenes on the island. Sylt island is located in the north of Germany and is one of the only vacation islands in Germany. With a strong surf and watersports scene, the need for a skatepark has been a pressing issue for many years, therefore a group of local residents contacted Glifberg – Lykke to try to bring the idea of a skateparks to life. As we worked more closely with the group, it became apparent that the need for much more than a skatepark was present. Therefore a

3-phase plan was formulated for the municipality of Sylt. Phase 1 has now been approved by politicians and funded by the municipality and fills the most acute need for a skatepark.


The skatepark sits near the exciting stadium by Ficherweg in Westerland, Sylt. Wedged in between the dunes and beach to the west and residents to the east, there was a need to create a noise reducing wall to keep activities of the skatepark quite for the residents. The noise reduction wall has been integrated with the existing landscape around the stadium to keep the flow of the landscape intact and uninterrupted.

Phase 2 of the project will see a transformation of the entire stadium into an active and open space which includes a wider user group than is currently occupying the space. Parkour, beach volleyball, football, calisthenics and of cause the track and field activities that currently exist in the space. The general idea is to transform the space into an area that engages all the tourists and residents of the island, regardless of age and gender.


Phase 3 will see the addition of indoor facilities to support all the activities in the multipark, as well as functions that could possibly serve as a sports focused youth center.   


The form language of the project is inspired by the beautiful and rugged nature of the island, as well as the waves, surf and shapes of the sand dunes that covers large parts of Sylt. 

*Illustrations above include phase 1 only.

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