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Tårnby Skatepark

 Tårnby (Denmark), 2020


Design team

Design year



Construction team




Tårnby, Denmark

Glifberg - Lykke



TVEDE Rådgivende Ingeniører

FSR Beton

1250 m2

Tårnby Municipality

4.500.000,- DKK

The city of Tårnby, just outside of Copenhagen, was in need of a new and updated skatepark and after going through a tender process the job landed on Glifberg – Lykke to design and develop the new skatepark at a new site. The site would show to be rather unusual, as the new skatepark is placed on top of a freeway tunnel. This meant that it would be impossible to dig down to create deep bowls. Therefore, a street league type of design was developed to create an authentic skatepark without any crossing lines or big elevation changes. However, there was a strong push from local skaters to have a bowl section, so a small bowl area was allocated in the disposition plan, so the split between street and bowl is circa 50/50.

The municipality wanted a space that feels safe for its users, as well as spectators and parents. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort into creating an environment that has lots of space for onlookers and non-participants. LED lights are incorporated into the concrete and directional spotlights are placed strategically on lampposts throughout the park. All in all, this is a skatepark that has something for everyone, while allowing different types of users in the park at the same time without collisions.  

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