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Urban Sport Zone

Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2020


Design team

Design year



Construction team





Amsterdam, Netherlands

Glifberg - Lykke



Amsterdam Municipality

Skate On

4000 m2

Amsterdam Municipality


Amsterdam Municipality

The ambition from the client was to build Holland’s largest skatepark. The park has to serve as training facilities for the future Dutch’s Olympic athletes, and the park has to be big enough to have national and international skate competitions. The park is built on Zeeburger Island, located 5 km west of Amsterdam City Center, and is part of a newly developed residential area. The plan for the island is to house residential housing to the waterfront and a green recreation area in the center. The overall purpose for the skatepark is to make the area attractive to more than just the local residents. Amsterdam consists mostly of drained land (river bottom), from the Amstel River which is a side branch on the Rhine river. This changes the typography of the skatepark because it is not possible to dig down into the ground. We have to raise up the platforms instead. The project has been developed in close cooperation with local skateborders, Amsterdam Municipality and their team of engineers. Design is carried out in BIM standard.

Due to its geometric nature about the height and surrounding landscape, the skate park is divided into clearly separated zones (Street, Flow and Park / Bowl) located at each level. The street part is located as a circular connection between the two southern corners. Street has direct connection to the higher lying flow area, which is the located next to the higher lying bowl area. This creates a step-by-step connection between the three areas that allow users to use only one of the zones, while at the same time creating good connectivity between the zones.


The surrounding landscape area is a large open plan plane. The skatepark plan opens up from the south at street level. The park then builds up to the north. So soft slopes turn south, for recreational purposes. Steep slopes occur on the north side of the skatepark.

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