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Jersey Skatepark (Visualisation)

Isle of Jersey (United Kingdom), 2018


Design team

Design year





St. Helier, Jersey

Glifberg - Lykke, Six Foot 5


Under development

1850 m2

Jersey Sports

800.000,- GBP

During 2018 Glifberg – Lykke was contacted by Jersey Sports to create designs and visualisations for an upcoming skatepark project on the island. We decided to visit the island and held a workshop with local skaters and BMX’ers. The location for the skatepark was still undecided, so a number locations were visited, and pros and cons were examined and evaluated. A great deal of information was gathered during the visit, as well as inspiration for the project, from all over this beautiful island, located in the English Channel, near France. The island is rich in inspiration and history, so inspired work began shortly after the visit. The changings tides, waves and surf culture, as well remaining cannons and bunkers left from the second world war, was used for inspiration for the designs.

In the end the client requested two different designs. Designs were drawn up for Jardin de la Mer and Coronation Park, but a request for a third visualisation for Les Quennevais Sports were also carried out with the Coronation Park design. Visualisations were done by in house 3D artist, Six Foot 5. The project is currently under political evaluation, to decide on location and come up with funding for the build. We hope to know more and continue work during 2019.

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