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Streetmekka (Competition)

Viborg (Denmark), 2016


Design team

Design year



Construction team






Viborg, Denmark

CEBRA,  Glifberg-Lykke





2500m2 - Skate area


26 mil DKK


Competition in collaboration with CEBRA, with Glifberg- Lykke as Street-consultants. The project is the transformation of a disused industrial hall in Viborg into an activity center for the local youth with a focus on street sports and street art.

Glifberg-Lykke was responsible for the development of Street Sports consisting of skate, parkour and trial, as well as the compilation of strategies for street art.

The hall is transformed into a raw and robust building that cultivates street culture aesthetics and creates the raw frames that users can work with and influence and make it their own place.It is a framework for new opportunities. As a raw canvas that users can paint and interact with. The architectural expression is based on a simple framework as an artistic scaffolding recreates the building's existing structure and expands it out into the arrival area and continued along the building's north and south sides.

This transforms the existing industrial building, and opens up the exiting large windows facing the arrival area, activating the building all the way around. It creates the opportunity for a welcoming and open street environment. A street environment where we create opportunity for street art and street sport to be inspired by each other in a flexible and multi-purpose spaces. At the same time we ensure a framework for a social architecture with large spatial diversity where users and especially also the girls want to come.

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