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Oslo Skatehall

Oslo (Norway), 2016


Design team

Design year



Construction team






Oslo, Norway

Glifberg - Lykke,  Dark Arkitekter



IOU Ramps

IOU Ramps, (Varden Entreprenør)

2330 m2

Oslo Municipality

3.800.000 NOK, (55.000.000 NOK)

Oslo Municipality

Oslo Skatehall was built, from the ground up, as a zero emissions building in 2016. The building was beautifully designed by Dark Arkitekter. Glifberg-Lykke submitted a design for the tender in May 2016.


The skatepark was designed with close attention to the architecture, and with great respect for Dark’s design of the building. Large glass pane windows, an indoor bridge, and other unusual features and layouts made it an interesting design task.

At Glifberg-Lykke we quickly decided that no windows should be visually obstructed by ramps or other skate obstacles. As a result we elevated the bowl and exposed the construction, thus creating more open floor space and visibility, while sculpturally enhancing the appearance of the bowl from below. All skatepark obstacles and ramps were then built by IOU Ramps and completed in December 2016. Oslo Skatehall was officially opened on January 12th, 2017.   

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